Welcome to our Primary Latin Course. This course has been designed working with UK primary teachers to help schools deliver Latin and Roman civilisation - without the need for any background in Latin. The course provides a gentle introduction to the Latin language for pupils in Years 3 - 6, aiming to establish reading fluency of simple sentences. Language learning is fully integrated into an immersive cultural and archaeological course set in ancient Herculaneum. The course is driven by photographs and evidence from the ancient site for pupils to explore and investigate.

All our materials are hosted online and available for free. There are Latin stories with clickable vocabulary and embedded audio, interactive reconstructions, online games, downloadable worksheets, activities and teacher’s guides.

The course is currently under development. If you’d like to use the materials or be involved send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!

If you would like to see what we have done so far, continue to the Primary Latin Course pages now.