Student textbook: overview

The Persians is a 58-page textbook for use at Key Stage 3 onwards. Each double-page spread (there are 26 in total) focuses on a particular topic and provides a mini area of study for one, two or three lessons. Topics include the geography of Iran, our sources of knowledge, Cyrus' empire, Persepolis, the Ionian revolt, Xerxes' invasion of Greece, Alexander the Great, and the Parthians. For a full list of topics, please see the Contents sample page below.

Student textbook: ordering

Copies of The Persians cost £5.99 each. To order copies, request a sample copy or if you have any questions, please just send us an email. (All profits are used to support the teaching of Classics in schools.)

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Student textbook: sample pages

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1. Contents
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2. Geography of Iran
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3. Darius as king
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4. Xerxes invades Greece
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5. Alexander the Great
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6. Index